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AHIO 2023 Winter Conference

  • 24 Feb 2023
  • 26 Feb 2023
  • Gulf Shores State Park Learning Campus
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Key trainings from Dr Allison Bailes, PhD of Energy Vanguard, Dr Terry Holder, Phd of Residence Doctor, and Mr Shannon Cory of Five Star Environmental.  

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February 24-26, 2023

Course Descriptions: 

Title: Phase Inspections: pre-drywall, framing pit falls on a 24,000 sq ft

CE: 2 hours

By: Shannon Cory                         

This course gives the inspectors and opportunity to look at construction defects, and the forensics of the structure setting un-complete for eight years.  The structure has 13 mechanical systems, 22 electrical panels, 20 ancillary panels. This structure has only 5 large bedrooms but it also has 12 bathrooms.  One of the most important things is how do you tackle this size of a structure and coordinate all of the information into a report that the client can understand. How much time should be set up side to collect your data and then publish your report? How would you Price the type of Inspections?  You will see many structural defects that the county inspector overlooked that could cause a catastrophic failure in the structure, if not discovered before the drywall was installed.

Pool & Spa Inspection For Extra Profits 

CE: 4 hours

By Shannon Cory

This 4-hour course demystifies the world of pools and spas. Inspectors will learn about electrical requirements, how the different equipment and equipment types operate, and common problems found in and around pools and spas. A special emphasis is placed on teaching inspectors to identify safety risks associated with pools and spas.  Pool and Spa inspection consists of four phases that is covered in this course: inspection of the pool/spa placement and protection fencing, inspection of the pool/spa shell (the vessel) and coping, inspection of the equipment which includes gas and electrical connections, and function test of equipment.

Problems with Residential Roofing

CE: 2 hours

Presented by: Shannon Cory

This program is to guide students in the basic evaluation with what is normally happening with most roofs as they age. We will cover when and when not to gain access to the roof for your own safety or the safety of the property or others. How to evaluate the roof without accessing it? What is the normal life process as an asphalt composition shingle as it deteriorates? What should be occurring during the process of installing a roof system. What to look for when looking for weather related damage. How insurance claims are determined.

Building Science for Home Inspectors

CE: 2 hours

By: Dr Allison Bailes

This course will go over weather a home should breathe – or not, indoor moisture, ductwork and HVAC concerns and more!  All around great information to understand the ‘why’ behind things an inspector finds. 

Electrical Update

CE: 2 hours

By: Richard Tanner, Master Electrician

An update including time for questions and answers with a master electrician with several decades experience.  Dive into the latest codes with GFCI, AFCI, and more.


CE: 2 hours

By: Dr Terry Holder, PhD

Go through the DCA6 about how a deck is to be built under prescriptive code from the perspective of a home inspector.  This two hour class will be filled with real life pictures of problems from ledger board failures, improper footings, guardrails, and more.

Crawl Space Moisture and How to Manage It

CE: 2 hours

By: Dr Allison Bailes, PhD

This course will expand the building science knowledge of the home with a focus on water- both bulk (liquid) and vapor (gas).  Find out what conditions make for a sick crawl space and how to address it.  It’s actually simpler than you think. 

Heat pumps, HVAC sizing, ducting, and ventilation

CE: 2 hours

By: Dr Allison Bailes, PhD

Dive deep into the trenches about what really goes into making a home healthy, from the HVAC side.  Does each room need an air return? Is a half a ton a big deal?  Find out why duct restrictions play a bigger role in home comfort than some installers lead onto. 

Understanding Your Insurance Policy

CE: 2 hours

By: Carrie Lawson

InspectorPro Insurance is a leader for home inspector insurance.  Their staff will go over the important parts of a good policy, where you are covered and what might be a hole in your coverage.

Residential New Construction (RNC) Designation Course

CE: 8 hours

By: Dr Terry Holder, PhD

This course fulfills the requirements of the state for the RNC designation.  Home Inspectors will learn the ins and outs of how homes are built today and learn what is inside the scope for their role in the process. 

AHIO Report Writing Course

CE: 3 hours

By: Dr Terry Holder, PhD

This is the state required course for new and experienced home inspectors that goes into what a good report comment looks like and is easy to read yet factual for the client.

Marketing Roundtable

CE: 2 hours


This will be a wide-angle approach to market your business in a down economy with social media, in person activities, and beyond.  This will have loads of crowd involvement. 


The Lodge at Gulf State Park, A Hilton Hotel,WW,HILTONLINK,EN,DirectLink&fromId=HILTONLINKDIRECT


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