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ASHISouth Meeting May 20 2023

  • 20 May 2023
  • 8:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • North Shelby Library ; 5521 Cahaba Valley Rd.; Birm., AL
ASHISouth Members and all Alabama Home Inspectors , 
      I hope you can  attend our ASHISouth , May 20, 2023 / Saturday - 8:30 start time
 meeting at: *  North Shelby Library ; 5521 Cahaba Valley Rd.;  Birm., AL  *  

   We will begin our C. Ed, meeting with a topic that  has never been taught at ASHISouth :

  1. Bill Fabian / Monroe IR,  teaches  IR &  home inspectors - a zoom cont Ed class ( approx. 9:00- 11:00?) This is a very practical IR course for home inspectors. IR is a powerful tool.

2 .  About 11:20 a.m. we will enjoy Full Moon B.B.Q  lunch. Thank - you

    Mike Ray & helpers . Also donuts , coffee will be served at the start.. .
3.  About 11:50 a.m. We 'll hear from AHIO's Ex. Director Jerry Kelly &/ or AHIO Founder Andrew Griffith as he gives us an AHIO update. ( ) We had a Very interesting Public Hearing on our bill several weeks  ago. Don't miss this update. Sign up today as an AHIO Member IF you forgot : We MUST have your support  !!!

4. After lunch about 12:30 we will have an inspectors Round Table discussion about

  A. Flipping house problems found and hidden ; ( any war stories?) ( Email me any pictures of Flip house problems you have seen) ( )


 B.  Must have Tools that I like and why.

 5. Last we will GIVE AWAY TOOLS :

 " Cheap Home Inspector Giveaway " ( 4 of you will be winners )

BTW - Part of ASHISouth's mission is to encourage other home inspectors.  You may pick up a money making marketing tip OR a Money Saving idea that will help your business. Do you have a couple of seasoned Home Inspectors  that you can send a defect / picture to and get an experienced answer ? It will help you sound smarter in  your report. (Most of  us may need a little help with that ?) haa

 6. First time visitors /inspectors, are free . IF you are a new home inspector in training not yet licensed, you won't have to pay either, up to 3 meetings - Free.

 IF you are not an ASHISouth member there will be a  $40.00 / meeting
 fee for the food and 4 hours of C.E.
7. ASHISouth offers "Affiliate memberships" for non- ASHI members.. same price...or . $ 125.00 / year
       * You can pay online , print a receipt / cell receipt or pay Saturday at the sign in table. *
        *** Check : ASHISouth /  

    Finally,* *we should dismiss around 1:30 p.m.  You will still get  4 **hours of continuing education and most of you will still have almost 1/2 a Saturday for your family...*

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