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This is a listing of AHIO Members Only

Search for a Alabama Home Inspector in your area in the search field below.  You can search by name or location.  Just key in a municipality and a list will come up for you to review.  Find the right Home Inspector for you.

Note to the general public:  AHIO members consist of Licensed Home Inspectors, Apprentice Home Inspectors that are observing inspections in training, and individuals with an interest in the home inspection profession (Affiliate Members). Affiliate Members are not available to conduct a home inspection.  

Licensed inspectors are regulated by the Alabama Department of Finance, Division of Construction Management, Home Inspectors/ EIFS Inspector Licensing Division. Verification of licensing can done through the Alabama Dept of Finance. AHIO does not verify inspectors have kept their state licensing requirements updated.

The Association recommends that when you are contacting the home inspector or inspection company of your choice, to ask about their qualifications, experience, license status, areas serviced, how long will the inspection last, what type of report will be produced, when will you receive the finished report, and if they offer any additional services to meet your requirements and needs.

If the inspector has a web site, you can click on their company name to direct you to their web site. 

Listed below are Home Inspectors, Apprentice Home Inspectors holding a permit to conduct inspections, and Affiliate Members. Regular Members are Home Inspectors.  Members may also include how long the organization (or business) has been in business. 

Type Inspector name in Search field below or go to Advanced Search for other search options (city, zip code, etc). 

Why do I need a Home Inspector?  Every home has defects. Some have more issues than others. When was the last time you crawled under a house to inspect for leaks? Probably never. Well, you probably have a slab.  A professional, licensed Home Inspector has passed a rigorous certification exam, has experience, stays up to date with 15+ hours of learning and exams each year, and is trained what to look for when inspecting a home.

What do Home Inspectors look for?   Home Inspectors use a set of standard items defined by the State of Alabama. Inspectors look at many specific items including the areas of the roof, exterior siding and windows, foundation, interior, attic, basement or crawlspace, electrical, heat and air systems and plumbing. Not all items are inspected however some items such as fireplace flues, sprinklers, underground pipes like main waste pipes, low voltage (such as built in audio) nor swimming pools are typically inspected. You may want to ask your inspector if they offer or can help you contract for these inspections  separately.

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